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Running a Household Still at the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation

with Clarissa Dillon Ph.D

Currently an inactive event.


Stills were used for more than just moonshine in colonial times. Join us and watch Clarissa Dillon operate a replica 18th-century still that will produce peppermint water, a medicinal. There are two possible products from the process of distilling. It depends on the liquid put into the still: water in, water out or alcohol in, alcohol out. Colonial housewives were very familiar with both processes. Those with stills produced medicinals, cosmetics and various household preparations. There will also be a display of various products using 18th-century receipts.SORRY, NO TASTES!

Clarissa has worked as a teacher, writer and consultant on 18th century housewifery for forty years. She was a founding member of the Past Masters in Early American Domestic Arts. Visit Clarissa's website at for more information.

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