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June 19th-French & Indian War Encampment and Skirmish Become an eyewitness to history, as the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation becomes the backdrop for scenes from the French and Indian War. It’s the French and British fighting for control of the frontier.

Watch the local militia lead by a Rodger’s Ranger as they discover a French raiding party and witness the skirmish which ensues. Visit the French and British campsites. Talk to the soldiers about their uniforms, weapons and strategy for fighting in the wilderness of the frontier. As you take in the action, remember that the French and Indian War determined not only the future of the Pennsylvania frontier but also events that put the loyal colonials on a path to revolution. There will also be demonstrations of hearth cooking, woodworking, and other everyday activities of the colonial time period. Skirmishes will be at noon and 2:15 pm. To purchase tickets or make a free member reservation CLICK HERE

June 20th- Story Time-Charlie Needs a Cloak - When Charlie's old cloak becomes torn and tattered, he spins a new one showing how cloth is made from wool. After reading this story, the children will wash and card wool and make candles. After the activities, the children will go on a behind the scenes animal tour! CLICK HERE

July 11th-Nature Time-Come learn about bees and insects on July 11th from 12:00 pm -2:00 pm. We will discuss what an insect is and why they are so important. We will also discuss the difference between beneficial and non beneficial insects as well as native and non native insects. There will be hands on activities and a visit to the Plantation’s bee hives with master beekeeper Warren Graham. Ongoing activities will be insect bingo, stream exploration for bugs (wear shoes that can get wet), bark rubbing, create your own bug poems and candle making. A visit to the farm would not be complete without seeing the animals. CLICK HERE

July 25th-George, Paul, George & Ben-Once there were four young lads: John (Hancock), Paul (Revere), George (Washington), and Ben (Franklin). Actually, there were five, but Tom (Jefferson) was always off doing his own thing, so people tended to forget about all about him. This is the story of how these five lads grew up to start a revolution and became the Founding Fathers of our country.

July 4th Celebrations On July 3rd and 4th, enjoy a picnic at the farm and celebrate our nation's birthday by hearing the Declaration of Independence and witnessing the crowd’s reaction. Watch the colonials make a demonstration against the king by burning him in effigy. See the loyalist reaction to this treasonous act. You are also welcome to show your loyalty by signing the Declaration. Other activities at the farm include hearth cooking, textile demonstrations, long rifle, garden and animal talks. Visitors are welcome to bring a picnic basket lunch, a comfortable chair or blanket and enjoy the Fourth as it was celebrated years ago on a true colonial farm in Chester County. CLICK HERE

August 15th-Educator Appreciation Day Teachers are invited for the day with complimentary admission to discover all that our K12 programs have to offer.

August 21st-Hops, Beer and Tavern Music
On August 21st, enjoy a picnic at the farm and celebrate the Hop harvest by picking the hops from the vine and watching our colonial and 21st century brewers make beer. We will have our colonial musicians create the mood with some good old fashion tavern songs. Other activities at the farm include hearth cooking, textile and long rifle demonstrations, garden and animal talks.

August 21st-Spirits at Sunset What do you do when you come face-to-face with what goes bump in the night...?

With its first structures built in the 1690s, the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation is host to a number of possible hauntings. Spirits at Sunset offers the opportunity to use ghost hunting equipment to explore four of the Plantation's oldest and most storied buildings, while the entire experience is tracked using LIVE night vision monitors.

Doors open at 7:00pm--please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early as our site can be difficult to find in the dark. Plantation staff will give guests a historical overview of the site to better prepare them for their investigation. The investigation will begin around 7:15pm.

August 28th-Back to School Science Day
Did you know that colonial people experimented with science every day? From making butter, to getting water from the well, to dyeing their clothes, every day was Science Day. Join us on the farm to conduct your own scientific experiments--dye a piece of fabric using plants from our garden; churn butter and discover how baking is like chemistry; create and use simple machines to perform chores, learn how to harness a horse, make cider and more! The hours for this event are 11:00 am until 4:00 pm with last admittance at 2:30 pm.CLICK HERE

September 25th and 26th-Civil War Battle & Camp The South is invading Pennsylvania again. The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation will be hosting a Federal and Confederate battle and camp on Saturday, September 25th and Sunday, September 26th. Witness firearm demonstrations, drills, and camp life. Battles will take place on Saturday at 12 and 3. Sunday’s battle will be at 2. Watch the North try to defend the farm against the invading forces from Old Dixie. To register as a reenactor, CLICK HERE

October 9th and October 10th-Medieval Days On Saturday and Sunday, October 9th and 10th come see what life was really like during the Middle Ages in Europe. From the Romans to the age of Columbus, various encampments will portray aspects of Medieval Life. See how five hundred years of European culture thrived and changed. Romans, Saxons, Normans, and Vikings, and will portray life of this heroic era of Western Civilization.
To register as a reenactor, CLICK HERE

October 16th and October 23rd-Ghost Tours The Colonial Plantation, one of the most haunted properties in Delaware County, invites you to an evening of strange sounds, squeaky doors, and ghostly stories. Relive 300 years of the area's most mysterious, scary and true tales of terror. Start by following the torch lit path and discover the strange and inexplicable ways that colonists treated their dead.

Our stories are researched by our staff, are local on the Delaware County area, and are absolutely spine-chilling! Due to the graphic nature of some stories, we will not allow anyone under the age of ten to participate, and we recommend ages 12 and up.

October 30th-Fairytale Day Fairy Tales are very old stories, some of them going back hundreds or even thousands of years. These stories have seen small changes over the centuries but have remained surprisingly consistent. And while they contain many fanciful and unrealistic story elements, there are bits and pieces in the stories that can give us little windows into life in the past.

Come visit us on Saturday, October 30th to learn about the skills of daily life in the past that we can find in fairy tales. Kids (and kids at heart) are encouraged to come in costumes, particularly if they want to dress up as a character from their favorite fairy tale! There will be readings of fairy tales throughout the day. There will also be stations for each fairy tale with skills demonstrations and trick-or-treat kinds of prizes for the children to collect, so bring a bag or other container.


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