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Open to the public for limited hours in Fall 2020

The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation will be open all Saturdays from September through November. In order to ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers and visitors, we have modified our operations in response to COVID-19 and we invite you to review the details below to help you plan your visit.

During Your Visit
All visitors are required to wear a mask when social distancing is not possible, and at all times when interacting with our staff and volunteers. Only the first floor of the historic house will be open. Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the site, and handwashing is available in our restrooms. Only one household group is permitted at a time at any one activity/demonstration. All demonstrations will be held outdoors or in open-air structures, with six-foot areas roped off around each demonstrating staff member.

Before You Leave the House, please remember to bring your:
--Proof of your pre-registration. Printed tickets recommended but you can also show your ticket on your cell phone.
--Mask or face covering.
--Membership card if registering as a member.

These are just our highlight events--"Friend" us on Facebook to see last-minute additions and seasonal activities!


October 31, 2020 FAIRY TALE DAY

Fairy Tales are very old stories, some of them going back hundreds or even thousands of years. These stories have seen small changes over the centuries but have remained surprisingly consistent. And while they contain many fanciful and unrealistic story elements, there are bits and pieces in the stories that can give us little windows into life in the past.

Come visit us on Saturday October 31st, Halloween day, to learn about the skills of daily life in the past that we can find in fairy tales. Kids (and kids at heart) are encouraged to come in costumes, particularly if they want to dress up as a character from their favorite fairy tale! There will be readings of fairy tales throughout the day. There will also be stations for each fairy tale with skills demonstrations and trick-or-treat kinds of prizes for the children to collect, so bring a bag or other container.

In conjunction with this event, we will be having a children’s writing contest, and you can find more information and an entry form at this link: CLICK HERE

We advise pre-purchasing tickets, as only a limited number of visitors will be allowed each hour. As always, COVID safety measures will be in place, and masks that cover your nose and mouth will be required, even with costumes.


November 7 & 14, 2020 PRESERVATION DAYS

Join us Saturday, November 7th and watch us make beer! Beer was an extremely common beverage in the 18th c., consumed by people of all ages and classes. And, while you could buy beer in a pub it was also very common for farm families to make beer at home from ingredients grown on the farm. We will be doing just that during our first food preservation day! Come watch as we use historic equipment to brew barley and hops grown right here at the plantation into a batch of beer. We will also have a brewer on site brewing with modern homebrewing equipment so you can see how things have changed over the centuries. We will also have other food preservation demonstrations going on throughout the day. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide samples.


Join us Saturday, November 14th and watch us make cider! Apples were an important crop in the 18th century. While they keep better than some other fresh fruits and vegetables, finding ways to preserve them even longer was advantageous in the past. At our second food preservation day we will be demonstrating various ways to use and preserve apples including turning them into cider! Cider was a good thing to make from blemished or bruised apples that wouldn't keep well on their own. Without refrigeration, that cider hardens, or becomes alcoholic, quite quickly. The alcohol then preserves the cider. Come learn all about the process!
Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide samples.


Join us Saturday, November 21st for our Historic Timeline! Get ready to travel through over 300 years of American history. Come and meet our earliest settlers and then travel to the Civil War on up to the Second World War.

If you'd like to take part in our Historic Timeline as a reenactor or demonstrator, please fill out a registration form at the link provided. Registration closes on Friday, November 16th. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Click below to pay your reenactor fee of $10.00


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