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Wedding / Family photography by professional photographers is not allowed at the Plantation without prior written approval by the Plantation Executive Director.

Photography / photos / images / video and film footage taken or captured at the Plantation may not be used for advertising, commercial use, or services. Any exceptions require advance written permission from the Executive Director.

We ask you abide by the following guidelines while on the property:

1. Set up tripods on lawns, not in pastures or work areas where traffic might produce a hazard, and allow for movement around you.
2. Follow the requests of Plantation volunteers and staff
3. Respect the wishes of other guests
4. Leave the Plantation as you found it

Flash photography is permitted in the farmhouse and most buildings, except for any structure containing animals. For the safety of our visitors and livestock, flash photography is not permitted near our animals while they are working or at rest. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in expulsion from the Plantation without refund.


The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation has provided the backdrop for a number of historical films, documentaries and specials. With its five carefully reconstructed 18th century buildings, period authentic interiors, and 112 acres of historically accurate gardens, crop fields and pastures, the Plantation is the perfect location for your film shoot.

Filming fees vary based on usage of interiors/exteriors as well as time of year. Please contact us at or call 610-566-1725 to inquire about taking a tour of the site.

Works Filmed at the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation:

"Redcoats" (2017 Short Film written and directed by Amy Tiehel)
"American Experience: Alexander Hamilton" (2007 / PBS)
"George Washington" TV Mini-Series (1984 / MGM/UA Television)


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