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Programming available September 28, 2020

This virtual program is an extension of our very popular Colonial Experience program and it brings our farm right to your classroom. While it lacks many of the sensory aspects of our on-site programs, it still delivers in depth knowledge about life in colonial times and demonstrations of the skills people used in the past, all delivered by our excellent educators. We will show you how fire wood was cut and talk about the importance of putting up enough wood to last you through the winter. Did you know that, after you cut up wood, it takes a year before it is ready to burn? We will show you how they got water from the well and talk about the importance of different water sources on the farm. Did you know that water helped to keep food cool in colonial times? We will introduce you to the animals and tell you about their jobs. Just like the humans, animals had jobs that they did on the farm. We will show you around our 18th century farm house and tell you about what it was like to live there. We will show you some of the steps involved in making clothing in the 18th century. Did you know you need about 7,000 yards of yarn for one petticoat?

The program includes nearly an hour of video, broken up into shorter sections on the topics listed above. It also includes lesson plans that you can use with your class. You also have the option of having one of our educators join you virtually to answer questions and talk more about life in the 18th century.

Once you purchase the program, you will decide what day you want to take your virtual “trip” and you will receive a link to the videos and lesson plans. Those links will only be good for the day that you booked your virtual “trip”.
Call our office at 610-566-1725 to schedule your virtual visit.


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