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Since 1974 the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation has offered on-site programs related to 18th century farm life through its “living history” weekend activities and weekday field trips. Group programming can be designed for any age level from pre-school to senior citizens.

On-site programs are available April through November and must be scheduled by calling the Plantation office, which is open year round, at 610-566-1725.


The Plantation’s on-site group programming includes tours and hands-on activities. There are group size limits for each program as well as age limits in some cases. Below is a complete listing of our on-site group programming or download the Educational Field Trips Brochure.

The Colonial Experience
Our flagship program! The Colonial Experience is a 3.5 hour program designed to best serve large groups. This program includes rotations of up to 7 activities, albeit shorter and less intensive than our Sampler Workshop activities. Each program will include our popular candle dipping activity and farm chores, in addition to other crafts that will introduce your students to colonial life in Pennsylvania. Each activity is designed to be hands-on and may change to reflect the age of your group and the needs of our farm– just like they would have in 1770! A typical program may include cooking, farming, chores, toys and games, weaving and spinning, and much more. This program also features a 30-minute lunch break. Please note: for groups with fewer than 20 participants, this program will run 2 hours instead of 3.5.

*Minimum number of participants: 10
Maximum number of participants: 160
Cost Per Person: $15.00

Sampler Workshops
Perfect for the group that wants a more in-depth learning experience, the Trio and Quad Sampler Workshops are the only programs currently offered that feature a hearth cooking demonstration in our historical kitchen. In all of the Sampler Workshops, your party will be greeted at the entrance to the Plantation by our guides, who will then explain the history of the site and its context in colonial-era Pennsylvania. Please Note: Due to the more complex nature of the hearth cooking activity, the Trio and Quad Samplers are restricted to Grade 3 and older. Younger visitors can still enjoy the Mini Sampler.

Trio Sampler Workshop
The Trio Sampler Workshop is a 3.5 hour program featuring 3 in-depth activities, one of which will be cooking in our colonial kitchen and another being farm chores. The third hands-on activity is up to you (please call for a list of available activities.) At the end of the Trio Sampler, you will get to taste what your group has cooked in the kitchen that day.

*Minimum Number of Participants: 18 / Maximum Number of Participants: 30
Cost Per Person: $14.00

Quad Sampler Workshop
Similar to the Trio Sampler, the Quad sampler can accommodate groups of up to 40 participants and includes a total of 4 activities, one of which will be cooking in our colonial kitchen and another being farm chores. The other hands-on activities are up to you (please call for a list of available activities.) At the end of the Quad Sampler, your will get to taste what your group has cooked in the kitchen that day.

*Minimum Number of Participants: 18 / Maximum Number of Participants: 40
Cost Per Person: $18.00

Mini Sampler Workshop
The Mini Sampler is perfect for groups that have less than 3.5 hours to visit, or are too young for the Trio and Quad Samplers. The Mini Sampler is a 1.5 hour program that features two hands-on activities: candle-making (our most popular activity) and farm chores. Groups choosing this program will still get a historical overview of the site and the colonial era and see many of our heritage breed animals. Participants will get to take their candles home with them.

*Minimum Number of Participants: 10
Maximum Number of Participants: 90
Cost Per Person: $9.00

Pancakes, Pancakes Reading Program
This program is ideal for Pre-K – Grade 2. It features a reading from the Eric Carle book Pancakes, Pancakes, about a young boy who wakes up one morning and sets out to make a pancake from scratch. As a complement to the reading, your group may choose either a farm tour (in which the children gather ingredients around the farm) and/or a cooking activity (in which the children make their own pancakes in our colonial kitchen.) This program encourages early literacy through reading and educates children about the origins of our food. Reading with one activity lasts for 1 hour; with two activities, 1.5 hours.

*Minimum Number of Participants: 10
Maximum Number of Participants: 48
Cost Per Person: $8.00 for story and one activity; $11.00 for story and both activities

Farm Tour
The 1.5 hour Farm Tour can be adapted to any age group from kindergarten to senior citizen. The outdoor portion of the tour may include stops at the pig pen, barnyard, springhouse, well and kitchen garden. Indoors, interpreters demonstrate spinning and carding and show examples of period clothing. Visitors go upstairs to view the bed chambers and return downstairs to see a collection of colonial toys. In the kitchen, they learn about 18th century foodways.

*Minimum number of participants: 10
Maximum number of participants: 50
Cost: $7.00

* Groups not meeting the minimum number of participants may pay the cost equivalent of the minimum. For example, for the Colonial Experience, the minimum charge would be $150.00, etc.

Scheduling and Availability
Programs are available from early April through November, dependent upon weather. All programs must be scheduled through our office which is open Monday through Friday year round. Reservations should be made at least four weeks in advance. Afternoon and evening programs are available. If you are unable to visit the Plantation, please ask us about our Outreach programs. Payment must be made by cash, check or Visa/Mastercard and received in our office 14 days prior to your scheduled visit.

Large Groups
The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation can accommodate groups up to 160 participants at one time depending on program type. Groups may be divided into smaller parts for their program; you will be informed at the time of booking if this is the case. Groups larger than the desired program allows can easily be accommodated but may need to visit at staggered times or on different days. The maximums are in place to ensure that your group has the best experience possible at the Plantation.

Museum Store
The Plantation's museum store offers affordable, authentic reproductions of colonial wares and many souvenirs specifically for children.  A visit to our museum store must be pre-arranged. We can accommodate store visits after your program has ended. Please allow an additional 45 minutes into your schedule to allow for shopping.  Store pre-orders are also accepted, but must be received at least three weeks prior to your arrival so we can process your order.  All preorders will be packaged and ready for pick-up on the day of your group visit.  Contact the office for more information.

We have a limited number of scholarships available for visits to our site. To be eligible for scholarships, schools or groups must serve economically disadvantaged children. Application for financial assistance should be made as soon as possible after making your reservation. Funding is limited and will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding is not guaranteed.

Finding Us
If you are using a GPS, our address is 3900 North Sandy Flash Drive, Newtown Square, PA 19073.


If you are interested in us bringing programs to you, click on the Outreach link to the left.

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